Real life, it's hard to be a pornstar
sep 08
Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate

#livestream What very common thing have you never done ? 😲🍸🚕📱 . .⠀

What things have you not done that most other people have ? . .⠀

Is it something very common that almost everyone has done ? . .⠀

Maybe you've never used a mobile phone, travelled to another country, been to a bar/club or used public transport ? . .⠀

What's the reason you haven't done it ? . .⠀

Is it because the opportunity hasn't been there or  you're always too busy ? . .⠀

Maybe you're unable to do it or have a fear that prevents you ? . .⠀

Is it something you want and intend to do very soon ? . .⠀

What common things/activities have you only just tried recently ? . .⠀

Did you find it better or easier than expected or was it less fun than expected ? . .⠀

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Tanya Tate

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