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aug 29
Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate

#livestream It’s International Bacon Day ! What’s your favourite thing to have bacon with ? 🥓 😋 . .

Is bacon your favourite food ? . .

Do you prefer the streaky bacon or back bacon, normal or smoked ? . .

Do you prefer it cooked well done or extra crispy ? . .

Do you cook it with oil or butter, or grill it ? Maybe you cook it with maple syrup ? . .

Do you have bacon regularly or as a treat ? . .

If you don't eat bacon what do you have instead or as a substitute ? . .

Which food do you think goes the best with bacon ? . .

Do you think Everything tastes better with bacon ? . .

What's the most unusual thing you eat bacon with ? . .

What's the strangest bacon combination you've heard of ? . .

Will you have some bacon today ? . .

Join me for a family friendly chat on my #youtubelive #stream . .

👉🏻👈🏻 . .

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Tanya Tate

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