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aug 28
Tanya Tate

Tanya Tate

#livestream August is National Picnic Month, have you ever had a picnic ? 🍞🧀🎣 . . 

When and where did you last have a picnic ? . .

Did you have one this month ? . . 

Where's the best place you've had a picnic ? . .

Was your picnic part of another activity such as fishing, hiking or a special day out ? . .

What tasty food and drink did you have in your last picnic ? . .

What's your favourite picnic food ? . .

Did you ever have a picnic in your own garden ? . .

Have you ever had a romantic picnic ? . .

Have you ever had a teddy bears picnic ? . . 

Have you any funny picnic stories ? . .

If you have never had a picnic what would be your ideal scenario ? . . 

Join me for a family friendly chat on my #youtubelive #stream . .

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Tanya Tate

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