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jun 22
Monique Alexander

Monique Alexander

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I don’t understand how the fuckin president and his administration can live with themselves or even sleep at night. It’s so disgusting and fundamentally wrong what’s going on right now. Separating children from their parents and putting them in cages, in conditions that are barely livable is completely inhumane. These are HUMAN BEINGS, and point blank, the trump administration is not treating them as such. It breaks my heart to see this happening, in today’s world in our country. Is that what we are?

And for the record, his wife Melania came in the country as an immigrant in the mid 90s, and worked illegally.

Does he only show compassion to those who aren’t black or brown?
This has to stop, and we have to take action. Go to to learn more and sign a petition to take action

Monique Alexander

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