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oct 24
Lexi Belle

Lexi Belle

Today I let go of a lot of hate and anger. I finally had closure, I can finally move on. It's been 20 years since I was last here. Here lies my biological mother, Lisa. Even tho I hardly knew her, I know we are nothing alike. Even tho she taught me nothing, I learned the most important thing from her...not to make any of her same mistakes. And as hard as life has been without a mother untill 16 years old (when my adoptive forever family found me) I knew it was still better than growing up with her. Growing up in the Los Angeles foster system made me who I am today. Finding a real family to call my own made me feel human again. I reflected on that today...I am grateful for the ups and downs but most of all I'm grateful to be alive. And to think I've outlived my biological mother and I'm thriving, would I have made it this far if she was in my life? I'll never know. But I will say, her horrible life choices made me who I am today, and for that I have to thank her, and I need to move on. I'm not angry anymore. Thank you.
Lexi Belle

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