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sep 24
Kendra Lust

Kendra Lust

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LADIES ... here is one of the reasons why you should try Entice Her, Mucuna Pruriens! Helps Raise:
•Dopamine levels
•Sexual desire

This is one of the best natural sources of the amino acid L-dopa, a direct precursor to the hormone dopamine. By raising low dopamine levels, mucuna pruriens can have a positive effect on motivation, attention span, general outlook, as well as many other aspects of mental well-being. Many women notice an increase in sexual desire, libido, and performance when taking this substance and it is often considered an aphrodisiac. Regularly using stimulants like caffeine, high levels of nicotine, and other drugs can lead to a lowering of dopamine production in the brain. This leads to craving food, restlessness, feeling edgy, and being unable to relax. Longer-term symptoms of low dopamine levels include difficulty concentrating, constant tension, social anxiety, general negativity, ongoing low-energy, and decreased libido. #libido #women #womenshealth #hormones #lowenergy #dopamine #mood #anxiety #menopause #lowlibido
Kendra Lust

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