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aug 22
Jia Lissa

Jia Lissa

Art of Giving Compliments.
Disclaimer - everything written below is my subjective opinion.
I get hundreds compliments everyday. I’m not showing off, just proving I have a lot of experience and examples to write about it.
The best compliments are sincere words, but sometimes sweet flatter will spice up your conversation. Anyways i think some people try to make their words more valuable in a wrong way.
* “You are so pretty/smart/strong, much better then her/him” Trust me, downgrading other person doesn’t make your compliment sound better. It also makes me uncomfortable.
* “You are almost perfect, if you did this or that you would be much better” Do I need to comment this? I don’t think saying this starts with the best intentions. It’s an attempt to put someone in your box.
* Comparing people. Yes this sounds nice from time to time, but if you want to make a nice compliment this could be done in another way, we are unique and I try to focus on that.

How I think is good to do to make your compliment more valuable and cause a smile.
* “Your hair is so beautiful! How do you take care of them?” “This is amazing, how long you have been doing it?” Add a little question, asking for advice it will show your interest.
* If you really have different preferences say “I usually like this, but in your way it’s amazing” But why would you lie? Say only if it’s true. Haha ;)
* Comparing. Poets compare eyes to oceans, skin to silk and etc. It’s good to use imagination. #jialissasay

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Jia Lissa

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