Real life, it's hard to be a pornstar
jan 26


We're BACK! The newest OBL podcast is live for patreons! It'll go live on youtube on Monday, but you can join our patreon for $1 and listen to it right now.... AND CELEBRATE OUR 10 YEAR SITE ANNIVERSARY WITH US!
Yep, my official website is 10 years old TODAY. Can you believe it? I sure can't. In some ways it feels like we started it yesterday, and in other ways I feel all those 10 years. Saying it's been a wild ride would be an understatement, and I'm so grateful for it. I never wanted a "normal" life and I sure got what I was aiming for. Some crazy has been amazing, some crazy has been terrible. I'm so glad 10 years ago I decided to start this lil project, and never veer from being my own boss, making my own rules, never listening to outside "advice" and ALWAYS putting myself first in every single way.
I'm so grateful for you all most of all, because without you on this ride it wouldn't have happened. So thank you for the support, even if it's just following me on social medias, IT ALL HELPS! (Though $1 a month is SUPER sweet and you get to see the stuff that insta + youtube would ban me for)
Thank you and I LOVE YOU!

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