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Bonnie Rotten

Bonnie Rotten

Today is the primary Election Day in PA, CT, DC, IA, ID, IN, MD, MT, NM, RI & SD! You have to get out and vote.

I posted the blackout as a respect to #blackouttuesday . But I do have to say that this, it could be true or not but to err on the side of caution it must be voiced. This is another play to keep us uninformed and to destabilize us from creating the change we SO desperately need! If we want a better world where justice is the forefront and equality is the goal we must change who is in power. That is the greatest step to taking action for our future. For a better future. For our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Businesses and things will always be replaced this is about changing a mindset revolutionizing and putting an end to racism and HATE!
To quote a friend..... who is struggling in this time that I wish I had the words to ease her pain she has felt for years but no matter what I say I will never understand. And that breaks my heart.

@zoecamille_ - “The building and items can be replaced but Trayvon Martins mom will never be able to hug her son again and George Floyd’s daughter is now another little black girl without a father figure”

THINK ABOUT THAT, how unfair is that?! Because of the color of their f**king skin!
Broken 🖤❤️
Bonnie Rotten

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