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jul 19
Bonnie Rotten

Bonnie Rotten

New moon 🌚 in Cancer ♋️ 1:32pm PST
The new moon is the time to plant your seeds, and basically start a (new month, I use this as a fresh start to set and achieve goals) being in Cancer, the passionate nurturing feminine energy is self protective, loving, seeks security and is all about the home!

This is the second new moon in cancer back to back, and the closing of the eclipse season. With our sun and moon in cancer we are more emotional as cancers are ruled by the moon this gives this new moon a super charge. Which might mean.. watch out!

You could be a bit emotional today so direct the energy carefully and recognize the forces at control! Use this time to heal some old wounds or hurt feelings towards your family, partners, and your home life, as you may not usually have these things on your mind the benefit of them bubbling to the surface is so you can recognize and start to heal them to move forward.

Light a candle tonight, write down what you want to achieve the next month somewhere you will see it everyday until the full moon.
Here are some cancer correspondences.


Colors- Violet
Plants/Flowers - Jasmine, Sage, Lemon Balm, Bay, Parsley
Stones – Moonstone, pearl
Metal – silver
Planet – The Moon
Animals – the crab
Body Part – chest, stomach
Tarot- The Chariot
Bonnie Rotten

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