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apr 22
Bonnie Rotten

Bonnie Rotten

It’s Earth Day! The earth blesses us with her abundance every single day, giving us the ability to cultivate and harvest our food, materials to make our ideas come to life with, the ability connect and create and love with others.... a beautiful ecosystem, an abundant amount of water, history that goes on for Aeons.. without this place we call Earth we would be missing a lot to ground our feet upon! So send your loving vibes to the great mother. She needs us just like we need her, and respect and love is given when and where it’s gotten.
My garden is my sanctuary, and a fond and important memory for me growing up was helping garden mostly picking weeds but what I did take from that was the desire to teach my own daughter how to tend to the earth.
The greatest joy is teaching love for our earth. Showing you a piece of my heart.
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Bonnie Rotten

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