Real life, it's hard to be a pornstar
may 29
Bonnie Rotten

Bonnie Rotten

😓I pray for the families who lost their rock and their loved one George Floyd. For the families who face these issues created by the system to perpetuate division and separation.. for greed and profit and classist fascism.. It’s heart breaking the world we live in that taking the life of a man because of his color isn’t immediate grounds for their life in return in prison (all of the officers for that matter)...
For every single injustice that is HIDDEN and forgotten about because it can’t always be caught on social media. We must love everyone that’s the only way to change the world don’t you see! Everyone was coming together during the coronavirus now there’s vile hate at the forefront.
It’s the only thing holding us back from growing into the world that we have the ability to be. 😢
Sending love to all.....
Bonnie Rotten

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